Organic Peelings / Infusion Treatments


INFUSION TREATMENTS (Equivalent of your luxury facial peel treatment)

Combining our rejuvenating Facial Infusion and active powder blends, the Infusion treatments provide exceptional results without compromising the health of the skin. Treatments are based on customization to envelop the skin with concentrated formulas to increase cellular turnover and heal, lighten, and lift hyper pigmentation and impurities.

Addresses all skin conditions including: Aging, pigmented, sensitive, dry, irritated, oily, blemish- prone.

Note: It is highly recommended to be using a Vitamin A serum for 4 weeks prior to have your first Facial Infusion. This will ensure that the skin has been conditioned to reach the full potential of the facial.

FACIAL INFUSION (this would be equivalent of your luxury facial peel treatment)

The non-inflammatory Facial Infusion treatment works with the skin to stimulate new cell turnover in the form of a concentrated mask to nourish, heal and treat.

Recommended for: Anyone who needs a boost.

Treatment Timeline: 3-4 weeks



45-60’ – 139 CAD


695 CAD

Series of 6 sessions, once a month, no sooner than 3 weeks in between
(One session comes free!)

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