Oncological Esthetics

“Winners are not the ones who never lose.
But the ones who never give up fighting.”

What is Oncological Esthetics?

Oncological esthetics involves a high level training that is specially designed to prepare estheticians to be able to offer modified skin care treatments in spas to ensure the safety of anyone who suffered from cancer or is during of a cancer treatment.

For most of the patients, cancer treatments are definitely the most unpleasant and very difficult to bear, affecting all body, the well being and not last their aesthetics. Their skin becomes dry, irritated, with different rashes and may develop premature ageing and inelasticity.

The biggest challenge in treatment approach for estheticians, is accepting the idea that cancer is not a contraindication, but a delicate handling of special need client, in totally safe and comfortable conditions, completely personalized depending on the stage and type of the cancer treatment. The skin treatments are personalized and centered on the patient needs, firstly depending on the therapies which the patient already goes through. Treatments will be designed and schemed based on the personal needs and preferences.

The skin treatments will focus on symptom relief, relaxation, and safe modifications and will be a skin/body service of the client’s choice. The skin treatment offered by the oncological esthetician has an integrative approach, so is not just focused on a single medical problem, but treats a cancer patient in the holistic approach, as a whole person, comprising the mind, body, and spirit.

Despite the latest advancements in cancer care and survival rates, patients continue to experience invalidating side effects both during and after cancer treatment. These side effects, affect patients not only on a physical, but also on a psychological, social, and spiritual level.  The use of complementary and supportive therapies is nowadays becoming increasingly more extensive among cancer patients and cancer survivors, with very good results.

There is out there a plethora of literature demonstrating the effectiveness of the complementary therapies, such as mind-body techniques, acupuncture, manipulative and body-based practices, help with pain and symptom management, reduction of depressive symptoms and anxiety, and very important help them regain a positive relationship with their body.

With the latest development of treatments and different ways of approaching the treatment, the focus is not only on healing the cancer but offering the best possible well being options. In this tremendous team effort, the oncological esthetician has a big role complementing other specialists in depression and anxiety reduction, improving the quality patient’s life, during and after treatment.

Moreover, all these adjunctive therapies including specialized esthetics services, diet and dietary supplements, physical exercise, and stress reduction techniques may also improve survival rates and reduce the risk of recurrence.

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