Micro Current Facials

Micro Current Facials

Micro Current is a completely safe technique to tone and stimulate facial muscles, which work in harmony with the natural bioelectrical currents found in the body.

Micro Current mimics the way the brain relays messages to the muscles and has the ability to firm muscles and boost cellular activity. It improves blood and lymph circulation and can also assist with product absorption.

Micro Current is helping with the healing and repairing of tissue and boosting the metabolism. It works gently and helps speed up the natural regenerative process of the body when the correct intensity of current and frequency is used. Treatment results are expected to show firmer and healthier skin.

Combined with LED therapy can be even more effective and with spectacular results in a deep complete rejuvenation of the skin.

Micro Current contraindications:

Micro-current is not suitable for clients with peacemakers, epilepsy, cancer, pregnancy, phlebitis or thrombosis or anyone currently under a doctor’s care for a condition that may be contraindicated.

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