What ageing of the skin is exactly?

Stress, pollution and 24/7 access to technology has created unique challenges for our skin, face and body. Unfortunately, the beauty industry has responded with the mindset that bigger and frequent treatments that produce a wound response from our skin is the answer.

This along with an overwhelming array of products formulated with skin aggressive ingredients that interrupt the intelligent design of our skin cells have resulted in unprecedented amounts of inflammation in our skin.

Inflammation is a term used to describe aging induced by chronic, persistent, underlying inflammation that ultimately exhausts the skin’s defense system. This weakens skin structure, results in the degradation of collagen and elastin and impairs the skin’s barrier function.

The skin is becoming weak, thin, fragile, very sensitive and reactive, showing all the signs of ageing as: Fine lines and wrinkles, Dullness of skin (due to the depleted moisture levels in the top layer of the skin, which naturally occurs with age), Uneven skin tone (due to some excess melanin secretion or malfunction in the hormonal levels in women) Dry skin, Blotchiness and age spots (thinning skin associated with ageing leads to the increased visibility of tony bloods vessels that appear). Age spots or liver spots, which are reddish or brown in colour, are caused mostly by over-exposure to UV rays and become more evident in ageing skin), Rough skin texture (as the skin matures, changes in texture become noticeable. Skin that was once baby-soft and smooth becomes uneven and bumpy on the surface due to the layers of dead cells and the cell turnover slowing), Visible pores (pores become enlarged or more visible with age due to loss of skin elasticity and skin being drawn down by gravity)

Even if the RFL massage will not be able to address all of this, the benefits of Reconstructive Face Lift massage are numerous and profound on many levels and provide an incredible option for those who seek natural and friendly alternatives to injectable treatments such as Botox and fillers, or other invasive treatments.  


What is RFL massage?

The RFL massage is an effective, non-surgical facelift technique to elevate & tighten skin and an effective, non-invasive method of an aesthetic face and neck correction. Facelift massage helps to prevent the buildup of toxins in the affected facial area and helps bring nutrients to the skin and tissue by improving blood circulation. Gentle, upward massage helps nourish the affected area and helps to improve facial flexibility. It is a specialized deep acupressure technique designed to release tension in the face, neck and head area. It includes Buccal massage (internal contouring through the mouth). It helps open up clogged lymph nodes to allow lymph vessels to work properly to remove waste products, increase blood circulation to bring nutrients to the tissue, thus, to sculpt, correct, and reconstruct the face at any age. This method improves overall health of the skin by relieving muscle tension, stimulation of blood circulation, lymph drainage and reduction of fibrotic tissues and ensures uniform fat distribution. The focus of this treatment is not the skin’s surface, but deeper into the connective tissues, bones, muscles, ligaments, fascia, and superficial fats. Working below the surface allows us to improve related problems as sagging jawline, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, cheek area thinning, forehead wrinkles, double chin, under eye puffiness, and swelling of the face.

An effective series of treatments is highly recommended.

The RFL massage has a cumulative effect. The more you do it, the better the results will be. Whereas Botox only affects the area where it is injected, the RFL massage transforms the entire face. The RFL massage has a pronounced effect on muscle, this includes connective, adipose tissue, blood vessels and nerves.

It also releases arteries and veins from compression and expands the number of reserves capillaries. It improves tissue trophism, reduces muscle tone increases venous blood outflow, and eliminates puffiness of the face. The method you chose to get rid of wrinkles is up to you. The RFL massage can be an alternative to Botox as well as a complimentary treatment alongside Botox.


What does a session feel like and what does it consist of?

 The RFL massage is never offered as an addition to a facial or any other procedures but is a separate stand-alone treatment.

Each session is about 1 hour and involves cleansing and toning of the skin and then we’ll start the massage session in a very relaxed environment. The RFL massage is what we call a dry massage, for a better grabbing/manipulation of the skin tissues. There is no need to use any lotions, oils or moisturizers.

The first few minutes are dedicated for lymphatic drainage. By draining the lymph, we an encouraging the oxygenating of tissues, removing of toxins and as a first result the skin will grow, and the puffiness will be reduced. The next step of RFL massage is the deep-tissue massage which includes the releasing or manipulation of fascia. Starting from décolleté up to the scalp we’ll be working each of your facial muscles at a deep level. The result is not only a deep relaxation, but the wrinkles will become smooth, and the facial flexibility will be visibly improved.

The last and the most loved part of the RFL massage is the intraoral (buccal) massage, which is totally non-invasive and incredible relaxing technique (especially for jaw clenching cases) and manages to work the muscles of the lower part of the face in a way that no other procedure can do it.     

Each of these sessions will be closed with 10 minutes of relaxation massage which includes a customized serum and moisturizer as a closing step to this fantastic treatment.


Some conclusions:

This advanced facial massage provides a reset for the whole body, so you leave your appointment feeling fully relaxed and rejuvenated. You can have a stand-alone session, but the results are cumulative and if a deeper reset is desired it is recommended to complete a series of 6-10 weekly treatments that offers a greater re-patterning of habits in muscles and tissues. You can consider this as a facial workout and 6-10 weeks will give us enough time to remodel and reconstruct the facial features and work on the symmetry, volume and elasticity of the skin. The more you do it, the better the results will be.

The results are a more toned face profile, a visible diminish of the nazo-labial folds, re-volumize the chicks and a great improvement of the jawline sagging.

The Reconstructive Facelifting Massage is a one-of-a-kind non-invasive procedure that allows you to look 10-15 years younger by providing a more toned face profile and improving the appearance of sagging jawlines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, forehead wrinkles, double chin, bags under the eyes, puffiness, and swelling of the face.

Getting this treatment done just before an event will do wonders for your appearance, leaving your face brighter, firmer, and lifted.

This method improves overall health of the skin by releasing muscle tension, stimulation of blood circulation, lymph drainage, reduction of fibrotic tissues and insures a uniform fat distribution.

All skin types will benefit from this facial and it is especially ideal to help return optimal health in skin that has been comprised in its micro circulation & movement due to acne, rosacea & injections.


 PS: The photo on the left is before and the one on the right is taken after just one session of RFL massage. The results are just amazing!


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