One of the most acclimated solutions for anti-aging, which promises that your skin will not only glow even after one session but will continue to boost the appearance of your skin for months afterward, is MICRO-NEEDLING.

The benefits of micro-needling are many.  But what is it actually all this about?

The promise is that by enduring some superficial or deeper punctures in the skin, with or without numbing cream, you will challenge the skin to develop a cascade of healing processes. This will help you with reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, scar treatment, sun damage, anti-aging, shrinking pores. It will also improve the effectiveness of topical products, will fight stretch marks, and will help even with rosacea reduction.

The idea is quite simple and actually is not that new.

Commonly known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), micro-needling is an advanced skincare technique that uses shallow needles to stimulate the top layers of the skin. The treatment creates a release of natural growth factors (your skin’s native regenerative proteins), naturally encouraging rebuilding your own collagen and elastin.


A little debate about what is natural, in skincare

In my endless search process about skincare, I was amazed to discover that in the skincare world there are 2 separate “sides”. You know, something like in Antiquity or any other time in history or human development, when a relevant thing was about to be discovered or an important event about to happen.

When I found out this, I took a step back, I smiled and my first thought was: “This must be something!”

These 2 groups are tolerating each other, although they are spying on each other, and from time to time they are borrowing and even “stealing” ideas one from another.

On one side, we have the “natural” side, which claims that the best solutions for a healthy skincare/lifestyle, are natural, bio, and organic ingredients. They usually use words like cleaning, detoxifying, eliminating toxins and pollutions, to convince us.

The latest and very exclusivist trend in this group is telling us not to use on our skin something whose name we can’t spell, and for me as a non-native English speaker, this was a good joke.


In their opinion everything that is chemical is bad, starting with ingredients, components, and even the packaging. Actually, when discussing the packaging they came with a reasonable good point, but this is a subject for another post.


On the other hand, we have the “scientific” side, which tells us that actually everything is “chemical”, because even the most innocent ingredient as water can be written down as a chemical formulation. They look at the last decades as a time of biggest innovations and discoveries, going deep, at a cellular and molecular level, to find out about the root of (skincare) problems and how everything is programmed and bonded.

After years of researching, testing, mistakes, and unexpected results, they are coming with effective solutions, almost mathematical.



Me, as an esthetician I tried to take the best from both sides. I understood both ways of addressing skincare and I even seek to combine them in a reasonable manner without rejecting any.


The natural, healing process

Going back to micro-needling, the question is how much of a natural (healing) process is actually natural? The answer is ALL.

This a natural, amazing attribute of our skin, and knowing how to use it could give you beautiful results. The treatment creates a release of natural growth factors (your skin’s native regenerative proteins), naturally encouraging it to rebuild your own collagen and elastin.

Going further, the next question will be: What are you going to apply on the skin after performing this kind of procedure?


In my attempt to find an answer to this question I had a revelation.

I found out that the term natural for the skin means something which will mimic the skin structure and function, something almost similar at a molecular level with what our skin has.


In all this debate the conclusion was, yes, we need something natural, but guess what? Something natural produced in a laboratory.

So here comes the innovation: AnteAGE Microneedling Solution has only 2 ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid and Bone Marrow Stem Cell-derived Growth Factors.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural, clear, gooey substance produced by our body, even if it has such a “chemical” name. The largest amounts of it are found in our skin, connective tissue, and eyes. Its main function is to retain water to keep the tissues well lubricated and moisturized. It also takes part in certain aspects of tissue repair and wound healing by activating inflammatory cells in order to hasten immune response. Basically, it’s part of the tissue-healing process in case of injury and can help with skin wounds.

The Bone Marrow Stem Cell-derived Growth Factors, are the most natural and powerful option to restore youthful skin. The scientists behind AnteAGE have harnessed the healing power of stem cells to regain skin’s ability to behave youthfully and heal beautifully. Our skin works hard to protect us every day. Stem cells within our skin contain hundreds of different Growth Factors & Cytokines used to manage the healing process or nearly flawless regeneration. These are the most “intelligent” anti-inflammatory agents in our body.

Within a young skin, our naturally occurring stem cells are robust and responsive, keeping the skin smooth, elastic, and radiant. But as we age, we have fewer of these cells available to repair skin damage. Over time this damage adds up and our skin health deteriorates.

And at this point, micro-needling treatment may come into the picture as a very big help. These two, (the products and the procedure) will work very well together to reactivate the body’s natural regenerative properties and reveal more youthful skin.


Home Micro-needling vs. Medical Micro-needling

Can we do Micro-needling at home? The answer is yes and the products from AnteAGE are proving to be exceptionally great for this purpose.

At-home micro-needling utilizes a handheld stamp or micro derma roller with 0.2 mm –0.25 mm needles. Needling at this depth is often described as micro channeling. It’s a safe and not harmful method. The tiny needle size maintains shallow depths and works within the skin’s very top layer to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and texture.

In contrast, medical micro-needling, which is performed by trained professionals in a clinical setting, utilizes micro needles ranging between 0.5 mm–2.5 mm and is ideal for scar tissue and corrective work, deeper lines and wrinkles, and coarser skin types.

Both home and medical micro-needling help to stimulate the skin’s natural production of regenerative proteins and upregulates enzymatic activity to optimize healthy cellular communication, and absorption of topical nutrients.


Want to know more about micro-needling at home and try the AnteAGE products?

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