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Anteage MD

I’m Laura and Skin Care is my PASSION.

I was born, raised, and educated in Europe, but I haven’t always been an Esthetician. 

This is my story. 

ANOTHER LIFE (as a Civil Engineer) 

I started my professional life as a Civil Engineer following my parent’s guidance. I did that for many years until I realized that this is not going to be something I want to do for the rest of my life. Somehow, I always knew that wasn’t the right path for me, but it was until 2014 when I decided to change everything. 



Back in 2014, my husband got a job in Qatar and we followed him into the unknown. We knew absolutely nothing about the Middle East, but we came to learn that Qatar was an exotic small country in a very hot desert peninsula. Although you might think they still ride camels, live in tents, and sleep on the sand at night, the truth is that Qatar is one of the richest, well-developed, modern and vibrant countries in the world. 

We (me, my husband, and the girls) absolutely enjoyed our stay there and at times we still miss it. 

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About me 3

While we were living there, I choose to shift from engineering to esthetics. At first, I was kind of scared about such a radical change, but I’m so lucky to have a husband that supported me wholeheartedly, all the way. He guided and helped me to stay on the right track. I was all in, embracing this journey with a lot of enthusiasm and a deep burning desire to help the people around me.

So, here I am in my late 30’s going back to school. And so was my cat … ????

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I joined Tajmeel International Beauty Academy and after two years I had obtained my ITEC Certification (UK) for Levels 3 and 2 as a Skin Care Specialist for Facial Electrical Treatments. 

I totally enjoyed the school, the new training and all the adventure beyond. 

I  knew then, that I have found MY PLACE. 

After graduation, I started to provide a various range of esthetic treatments, including waxing, lashes extensions, and brows, but I had always felt the medical side of the skincare / facial treatments was my call. I’m always eager to find out more about the ingredients, concentrations, and how they work in different solutions, treatments, and combinations for different skin issues. 

Anteage MD

My first salon LP Beauty Lounge was founded shortly after and I jumped right in, with my entire devotion.

But I’m also a very curious person and my technical background took its share during the start – hence my motto “Beauty with a hint of science”. In no time, I found myself reading, listening, researching, and learning in deep detail, about what I enjoy the most – Skin Care. I then realized that even though I had graduated from a renowned school and I had one of the most prestigious internationally recognized qualifications, I was still at the beginning.

I started to offer a large variety of non-invasive facial treatments, with a focus on a very high level of professional responsibility and safeguarding of the health and well-being of every person that entered my salon. I was fortunate to achieve exceptional results and help a lot of people. This gave me the impetus to move forward with joy and gratefulness.

I had the chance to work with a very diverse clientele from all over the world and I learned so much more about skin conditions, acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, and so on. I invested in new technologies and the best products I could find on the market. Nevertheless, I continued to invest in myself and my professional education and development. It was a lifetime experience, but I was blessed and I’m very grateful for achieving all that.

Throughout the next years, I mostly focused on my passion and then on my family, during the not very long time that remained for me to spent outside of my new world.

Fast forward, a few years later, after countless hours spent on educating myself and thousands of treatments performed, I was now extremely comfortable and confident with my choices. I was also so very happy and fulfilled, doing what I love the most.

But for us as a family, the time for another move around the world had come.


In 2018 we decided to relocate to Canada. After a month of vacation back home in Romania with family and dear ones, at the beginning of 2019, we landed in Montreal – Quebec where we spent about 6 months, before moving to Ontario.

A new and very different life was about to start for me.

Long story short, in 2020 I had also graduated from another very reputable school for esthetics, a Canadian one this time, and had obtained a new diploma in Laser and IPL treatments.

Furthermore, I am now certified in Oncology Esthetics as well, which is a specialized branch of skincare that provides customized services to people that suffer from cancer or have been through cancer treatment.


I founded my new Canadian salon named Aesthetic Art and I continued to pursue my dream with the same passion I started off with.


I strive to provide an unparalleled and rewarding experience to all my customers. I offer personalized facials, focused on results. I educate my guests and I explain to them in detail all the factors involved in the well-being of their skin. I help people to enhance their skin condition to flawless skin and I only use non-invasive treatment methods and the most effective skincare products available on market, to achieve that.

My focus is to simplify all the skincare processes and to make them easy and accessible for everybody. I offer luxury facials, as well as a large range of very effective facial treatments that go beyond the average facial massages and which are relaxing and efficient at the same time. My guests usually “take a nap”, while I’m going above and beyond, in order to change and improve their skin status.
Furthermore, one of my deepest desire is to contribute to your self-trust enhancement, by improving your skin condition, followed and sustained by a correct day-to-day routine at home. I provide practical advice and I offer a wealth of knowledge about the latest skincare techniques and procedures, in order to enrich the knowledge about self-care, everyone needs.

Recently, I decided to take my game to a higher new level, as I become very interested in holistic facials. I enrolled in the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy (IAC) to continue building up my knowledge on Skin Anatomy and Physiology, based on advanced scientific research in the realm of Corneotherapy and related sciences. I am so excited about it and it’s absolutely amazing because this is a methodology of thinking and skin treatment therapy that preserves the integrity of the epidermis at all times, by using preventative interventions that are primarily directed to correction and restoration of the stratum corneum and barrier defense systems of the skin.

I do all of this, with abundant PASSION and LOVE!


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